I wanted faster running of the executables in a particular folder. That's the reason why I added a whole folder to Kaspersky exclusion.

I don't know about you since your reason for wanting to do this might be different from mine; but before you go ahead I want to offer an advice: don't exclude a file or whole folder from the watchful eyes of Kaspersky unless you're very sure of the authenticity of the file or contents of the folder. Please, forgive me for offering an unsolicited advice.

See Also: How To Prevent Avast Antivirus From Blocking A File, App Or A Website

1. Launch Kaspersky and go to Settings. When I was sitting in front of my desktop in 2016, Settings is located at the bottom-left of the main Window of Kaspersky.

2. From the Settings window, click Additional sub-menu.

3. Click Threats and Exlusions. From here, click Configure exclusion rules.

4 Click Add, located at the bottom-right of the window. Then click the Browse button and locate the folder or file.

Kaspersky Folde/File Exclusion Rules

5 Finally, click the Add button still still at the bottom-right of the window. And that's that. pat yourself on the back
You previously installed Ubuntu alongside Windows (dual boot) and now there is no love lost between you and Ubuntu. What do you have to do? Delete/remove/uninstall the damned thing of course.

In this post, we're going to do what the title says: wipe Ubuntu from your machine's hard drive and remove its entry from the UEFI Boot Menu.

1. Delete Ubuntu Partitions from the Hard Drive

The next thing you have to do after deciding to uninstall Ubuntu is to delete the Ubuntu partitions (they are usually two).

Press Windows key + R and then K to launch Disk Management.

The two partitions containing Ubuntu

Right-click on each of the partitions and click Delete Volume.
You can merge the now empty partition with another partition or leave it.

2. Booting into Live DVD or Flash Drive

You will need a bootable Ubuntu DVD or Flash Drive. If you don't know how to make one, this post tells you how.

Insert either the DVD or flash drive, and Shift + Restart (click on restart while holding the shift key). The Machine should display Advanced start up menu.
From the menu click Use a device.

Next, click on EFI DVD/CDROM or EFI USB depending on whether you're using DVD or Flash Drive.

When the Machine boots from the DVD or flash drive, Try Ubuntu without installing should be selected by default. just hit the enter key and Ubuntu will be loaded.

3. Installing Efibootmgr and Deleting Ubuntu from BootOrder

Once your machine has successfully loaded Ubuntu, press Ctrl + Alt + T to launch terminal.

You are going to be entering several sudo commands, so except you're a fan of unnecessary repetitions, enter sudo -i to gain a once-for-all root access.

Next install efiboot by entering the command apt-get install efibootmgr (you need an internet connection).
If the installation was successful, you should see this in terminal:

Terminal showing a successful installation of efiboot

Now, enter modprobe efivars to add to the kernel efi support and efibootmgr to list your machine's boot entries.

Terminal showing modeprobe efivars command and efi boot entries

From the returned list I discovered that Ubuntu is number 0002 in the BootOrder, so to delete the entry from boot menu, run efibootmgr -b 2 -B. Note that if Ubuntu were to 0003 in the returned list above, the command would have been efibootmgr -b 3 -B.

Ubuntu has been removed from BootOrder

4. Deleting Ubuntu from EFI Boot Menu

If you were to stop at this point and shut down Ubuntu, the UEFI firmware will restore the just deleted entry to the boot order. So to deal it a permanent removal, you will delete the Ubuntu directory from EFI partition.

Run fdisk -l to list partition table(s).
From the result, under the Type column, there is row with type EFI System. Trace the that row to the Device column.

Now, run mkdir /mnt/efipart and then mount /dev/sda2 /mnt/efipart; replace /dev/sda2 with the device of the EFI System.

Showing list of partition tables and mkdir /mnt/efipart</code> and mount /dev/sda2 /mnt/efipart commands

Launch Ubuntu file manager and depending the device of EFI System, navigate to /mnt/efipart/. Right-click on folder EFI and click Open in Terminal. A new Terminal window will be opened with the directory set to /mnt/efipart/EFI.

Finally, run sudo rm -r ubuntu to delete the Ubuntu folder.

Terminal with Ubuntu Folder deleted

Shutdown Ubuntu, remove the DVD or flash drive and start the machine. It should boot Windows normally and Ubuntu should also have disappeared from the boot menu.

"Voice search has been turned off" was what I got when I clicked the microphone icon in a new tab on Chrome browser for PC. The only help I saw was on the error page was a "Details" link.

Screenshot of "Voice search has been turned off" Error on Google Now for Chrome

The page didn't help me; as all it told me was to turn on "Ok Google" in the "Search" section of Chrome settings. That I did and work it didn't. So, I began to roam the settings of Chrome hoping to find the answer and that was when I stumbled on the solution.

How to Fix for "Voice search has been turned off" Error on Google Now for Chrome

Allowing Google Now access to Microphone on Chrome

Click the icon at the far right of the address bar and select "Always allow www.google.com to access your microphone". Click Done and Google Now should be working.


  • go to chrome Settings, scroll down to the buttom of the page and click "Show advanced settings..."
  • Click the "Content settings..." buttton
  • Scroll down to Media and select "Ask when a site requires access to your camera and microphone (recommended)" and click "Done"

Allowing media device access in Chrome settings

Google Now should be working now.
Who would've thought Satya Nadella could bring back Microsoft from the pitiable state that Steve Ballmer left it. Microsoft has come back to life! At the October 2015 Event in NYC, the tech firm released competitive devices, flagships and overhauled the existing ones. From a 16GB RAM tablet to a band that can track your sleep and works with Android, Windows and iOS; from a detachable PC to a pen with interchangeable pen tips. Here is the round up and quick specifications of all the devices Microsoft released on October 6, 2015 at New York City.

First, the Big Achievements

  • 110 million devices are now running Windows 10.
  • Facebook will be building all new universal Windows apps for Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.
  • Dell and HP are reselling Microsoft Surfaces to their customers.
  • Sells of Microsoft Surface doubled in the last year.
  • Also in the last year, almost 1000 businesses choose Microsoft Lumia to help them be more productive.
  • 98% of people who use Surface Pro 3 recommend it to friends and family.

Xbox One

xbox one at the Microsoft Event October 2015

  • Incredible games line-up coming to Xbox one
  • This holiday, all Xbox ones will be upgraded to Windows 10
  • This will enable Xbox 360 games to be played on Xbox one
  • Microsoft will introduce new limited edition consoles this holiday
  • New Elite gaming controller will also be released this holiday and it will sell from $349
  • It "is the most advanced gaming controller anyone has ever created"

Microsoft HoloLens

Project X-ray demo in action

  • A demo (codenamed Project X-ray) of Mixed reality gaming on HoloLens.
  • With HoloLens, the event stage was turned into a gaming environment where the player has to defend it from robot invasion.

Microsoft Band

Microsoft Band in official Microsoft promotion video

  • The Band: it's flexible, no rigidity, no hard edges and curves perfectly around the wrist
  • The Screen: it features new curved screen, durable Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3. It's scratch resistance and is now more responsive to touch.
  • Built in Technology: GPS, tracks exercise and sleep quality, calorie tracking, guided workouts, UV monitoring, Cortana integration, barometer, customizable notification, gyroscope, accelerometer, vibration sensor and VO2 Max (used during exercise to track the maximum amount of oxygen your body can process in one minute)
  • Text, email, calender, call alerts
  • Works with Windows phoned, Android and iPhone.
  • Price and Availability: $249. It will be available on October 30th, 2015.

Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950XL

Lumia 950 and 950XL in official Microsoft promotion video

  • They both feature Adaptive antenna technology (two antennas), octacore (950 XL) and hexacore (950) processors, quick charging, Microsoft Continuum, and a liquid cooling technology that was brought from Microsoft Surface
  • Display: 5.2" for 950 and 5.7"for 950XL; 564 (950) and 518 (950XL) PPI; and glance screen technology
  • Camera: both comes with 20MP sensor, triple led RGB natural flash, 5th generation optical image stabilization, dedicated camera button, captures 4K videos
  • Storage: 32GB inbuilt, up to 250 GB (and theoretically 2TB) expandable
  • Connectivity: Type C USB connector (transfer speed up to 5GBS), Microsoft Display dock (HDMI and display port, 3 USB ports for accessories)
  • OS and Apps: Windows 10, Office, Cortana, Skype, OneDrive, Edge, Outlook
  • Comes with Windows Hello, a feature that endures voice and finger-print authentication
  • Price and Availability: Lumia 950, $549; Lumia 950XL, $649. Both will be available November 2015.

Microsoft Lumia 550

  • An entry level phone with quadcore processor and full LTE.
  • Price and Availability: $139. By December 2015.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 in official Microsoft promotion video

"Powerhouse of perfection and portability"
  • Screen and Display: 12.3", 5 million pixels and 267 PPI, 0.4mm Gorilla® Glass 3 (GG4), photo-aligned negative LC oxide, 1.1mm backlight unit, Microsoft pen and touch (GS) chipset
  • Body: 8.4mm depth, thinner and lighter than surface pro 3, and a hybrid cooling system.
  • Memory and Storage: Up to 16GB RAM, and 1TB storage
  • Performance: 30% faster than Surface Pro 3 and 50% faster than MacBook Air. Sports hybrid cooling system, thinnest most-powerful surface yet.
  • Operating System Runs Windows 10.
  • Docking Station: Four USB 3.0, two 4K DisplayPort, Ethernet, One productive connection
  • Comes with Windows Hello, a feature that endures voice and finger-print authentication
  • Microsoft Surface Pen

    • 50% of people who use Surface use a pen
    • 1,024 levels of pressure
    • Full year battery life
    • Eraser at the end of the pen
    • Pen storage on Surface Pro 4; for attachment
    • You can hold-down the pen to call up Cortana on Surface
    • Comes in diverse colours
    • Comes with Surface Pro 4

    Microsoft Surface Type Cover

    • Fingerprint reader
    • thinnest and sturdiest type cover
    • Integrated backlight keyboard
    • Scissor design
    • High precision glass trackpad
    • 1.4mm key switch travel
    • Trackpad now 40% larger
    • Comes in diverse colours
    Surface Pro 4, Pen and Type Cover, all comes together and will be available on October 26th for $899

Microsoft Surface Book

Microsoft Surface Book in official Microsoft promotion video

This is the first laptop ever built by Microsoft. It is the "ultimate laptop". "The fastest laptop ever made"
  • Display: 13.5" PixelSense screen; 267 DPI - 6 million pixels; optically bonded; colour, contrast, clarity
  • Keyboard: Quite, stable and comfortable typing; backlit keys; best-in-class keystroke; 1.6mm a travel.
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro
  • Track-pad: optimized by the Windows 10 engineering team to bring you precision perfect tracking; made of glass; 5-point multi-touch; toned for speed and control
  • Performance: It sports the latest generation of 6th Generation Intel Core(i7) processor , 12 hours of battery life (consumes 0% of the battery when closed), NVIDIA® GeForce® GPU, high-speed GDDRS memory, Up to 16GB RAM and 1TB storage, 2x faster than MacBook Pro
  • The dock for Surface Pro works with it.
  • You can detach the monitor from th base/keyboard
  • Two USB 3.0 ports and full size SD card
  • 16 pounds weight and 7.7mm thin
  • Machined magnesium body and dynamic fulcrum hinge
  • Price and Availability: $1,499. Will be available on October 26th, 2015
Of course, the event didn't end without the presence of Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella articulating the achievements of Microsoft.

That's all and I hope you enjoyed it. Please, do drop your comments.

Barely days after its release, early buyers and owners of Apple's new flagship, iPhone 6s and 6s+ have begun to pour in tons of ceaseless complaints about the glitches and problems that they are experiencing from using the devices. The complaints revolves around Touch ID buttons, speakers, 3D Touch and power management.
You would recall the #bendgate, #dyegate, #hairgate and other #...gate hashtags that plagued iPhone 6 and 6+ after its release back in 2014.

So I went to twitter, www.9to5mac.com(where the issues were first reported) and Apple Support Communities to pull out the 52 most touching complaint's from the early users of iPhone 6 and 6s Plus.

Tim Cook Introducing iPhone 6s and 6s plus in Apple 2015 Event

From Twitter

From 9to5mac.com

  1. I’ve noticed the same notification sound on my iPhone 6...Sound went missing and when I went to sound settings, would get a very loud noise.Daniel Livsey
  2. ...On about the bottom half of the screen at some points the screen becomes staticy and freezes on the screen briefly if that makes sense...michaelg379
  3. My issue is the screen quality. I’ve tried 7x new iPhone 6S phones and all exhibit a yellow tint and/or darker areas in top left of screen...squuiid
  4. I am having those speaker issues. I thought it was me not hearing my phone right. I tried changing the volume limit and EQ presets to no avail...Victor Garcia (@vic867)
  5. I’m experiencing the 3D Touch Issues, also I’m experiencing distortion with the speakers with CLASSICAL MUSIC...Ian Minton (@quotaking)
  6. External speaker on the iPhone sPlus has significant audio degradation! How this got by is beyond me.Richie Rizzo (@Dogstarnyc)
  7. It seems this year we have not a Antenna gate or Bend gate we have multi gate of problems at the iPhones 6S! krikaoli
  8. When I touch an app, my screen goes black. I can click on the home button and it shuts the app down and I can touch it again and it opens no problem...maehill
  9. I got my iphone 6s for 1 day...After using it to around 20% today, it turned off by itself. Nothing showed up when I plugged it into the charger...Thục Anh
  10. My phone is alot ‘warmer’ than normal and wouldnt turn on this morning, it was fully charged..Jesal Shah (@justashah)
  11. ...not been able to find the phone for 4 hours now and no response from the phone for 4 hours and the home button is still burning hot...Ryan Meyer-Thovson
  12. ...My songs either start out fine or there’s a few seconds delay. When it actually starts it goes on for 5 or 6 seconds & stops again...henrychinique
  13. ...it randomly turned itself off then I was trying to turn it on but no response then I put on charge still no response and did not show the battery charging logo. It was totally black screen..?Imran khan (@ikhantexas)

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From Apple Support Communities

First, Audio Distortion...

  1. ...I've noticed that when I have my Ringer Volume turned up full there is a slight crackling/distortion when playing sounds from the bottom external speaker...Craigus91
  2. ...I have noticed the distortion to be the most pronounced on certain notes in music that I play (on loud) through the speaker instead of ear phones.Jeff.Tarver
  3. ...My message sent sound was super loud and it sounded like my speaker was blown...F22xclusive
  4. My new 6S also has distortion, which I originally noticed when receiving a phone call with the Opening ringtone...Romba1182
  5. ...I notice the distortion mostly when I send a text message and the swoosh messes up a little at the end. Funny thing is that if I close the message app or reboot, it goes away for the first 3-5 messages and then returns. It makes me think that apple might be using the same speakers but the software is pushing out more volume and needs to be taken back 5% or so. Hopefully it gets fixed in beta 4.hydrate

And then, Random Power-offs...

  1. ...Its the new iphone 6s 128GB and i just use it for about 5 days and it turned off not because it was out of battery...oooliveee
  2. ...turned off for no reason the last two nights. In the morning you then have to push the power-on button for a long time to get it started. :-( Joachim Frey
  3. ...I've had my phone since Friday and it has powered off/refused to come out of sleep at least once a day since....Todd Sizemore
  4. 6s 128 gb 9.1, b2. Has frozen black screen 2-3x since last Friday. Hard reboot cures, but stays on apple logo for extended time periodrmg007
  5. iPhone 6S 128GB randomly turns off once a day, mostly overnight with plenty off battery...Bnozzo80
  6. We bought two iPhone 6s, one gold 64 GB, one silver 64GB...the silver one randomly turns off once a day...MiniOhh
  7. missed my alarm as well because of it. happened twice (only once was in the morning where i came little late for work)note. i have black iphone 6s 128gbkarrysild
  8. Just happened to me again last night. I had done the same process as before, putting the phone into airplane mode at night turning the wifi back on, wake up and the phone was dead...tivoboy
  9. My iPhone 6s Plus has shut down randomly, 4x now, since I've received it on 9/25. The home button gets very warm, unusually hot even, when trying to restart the phone after it shuts off...rogerisf
  10. +1 Happened to me for the 1st time this afternoon...Phone was in the back pocket of my cycling jersey while on a ride. Screen was off and the phone otherwise was idle. Two button hard reset required to restart it.CyclingMac
  11. Same issue, happened first day on iPhone 6S Plus 128G. Shut off middle of the night on it's own, full battery. Randy O
  12. Just landed in New York, requested my uber and this **** 6S Plus died in the process of waiting for the pickup. This is now the 4th time it's died for no apparent reason and would not come back on until plugged up to power or a hard reset. smuready
  13. It happened to me for the first time this morning. The phone turned black and none responding to noting... Was in the Apple podcast app when it happened, pressed on pause when suddenly screen came black.victorfromrimouski

Really, really hot Home Button (Maybe It'll Even Burn Your Fingers)...

  1. i have had my phone since Friday, and this morning when I woke up the home button was burning hot and the screen is just black. I went to bed with it working just fine last night, plugged it in to charge, and now it won't work. Nothing else is hot, not even the charging port, just the home button is on fire. I have had the phone unplugged for an hour and the button is still on fire. I had just made the choice to switch from a Samsung to this iPhone and need to say it makes me slightly regret my choice because I have always known that apple products have tons of issues.JazzieFayy
  2. Just had the same problem on 6s 64gb. Phone was working fine all day. Went to use the phone and it wouldn't power up, just a dark screen, and a very hot home button... DWadeC
  3. Thats exactly what happened to mine. The battery is not drained out. Just went blank and the home button felt really hot. Its started up after following your suggestion.ManyJs
  4. Also happened to me too, today. iPhone 6s 16GB just turned off by itself, with a black screen and totally unresponsive to hitting home button/power button/plugging in to charger/connecting to MacBook Pro with cable. When I touched the home button, it was scorching hot and I was almost unable to touch it...Zhaobello
  5. This happened to me overnight. All was working fine, then this morning alarm didn't go off - phone was dead. The home button wicked hot and did the reset as suggested above...chifever
  6. Same here...Display dark, Power and Home Button not working, Touch ID/Home Button very very hot...pet2001
  7. I'm having the same problem with my iPhone 6s home button hot to the touch and shutting off. I tried rebooting by holding down home button and sleep button for 10 seconds but to no avail. I put the phone in the freezer for a minutes then tried rebooting again... it powered on.Palmtr3
  8. ...my phone did it - the home button was so hot it was almost untouchable....I worry about a fire risk!dealmaker
  9. Happened to me as well... home button scorching!! definitely burned my finger a bit. Getting this phone replaced asap...Kinda dangerous...Papple13
  10. My iPhone 6s Plus 64gb only seems to be getting hot whenever I use the camera in any way shape or form, whether it's in the camera app or any other app which uses the camera.Thrashal
  11. Same thing happens to mine this morning (6S plus 128gb - running beta 9.1 ) Phone was on the kitchen counter with 93% battery.....checked my emails and then went back an hour later and phone was dead - but home button was RED HOT - almost too hot to touch!!!dealmaker
I really cannot guaranty the truthfulness of these complaints though some seem a bit exaggerated.

What do you think about these complaints, did you experience something similar?

"Two heads are better than one", so goes the popular maxim. This means that two people have a better chance to solve a problem than an individual does. John Heywood, an English writer, first phrased this epigram.

The fear of malware (viruses, worms, spywares and Trojans) is enough to send computer users scampering under the deluded protection of multiple antiviruses. In theory, two antivirus would be better than one. Since all the antiviruses doesn't have the same database and virus definition, one would literally complement the shortcomings of the other.

Is this really the case? I would have given a "yes" or "no" answer but that would the opinion of a layman.

Let's see the facts from experts in the field of Computer Virology and Cybersecurity; notable Antivirus developers.

Computer crash when multiole antivirus is installed

Kaspersky Labs

If there are two antivirus programs running on a single computer, they will each try to install interceptors into the same part of the system kernel. This is likely to result in conflicts between the antivirus monitors – probably with one of the following consequences:
  • One of the two antivirus programs will fail to intercept system events.
  • Each antivirus program’s attempts to install parallel interceptors will cause the entire computer system to crash.

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In a post titled "Why Using Multiple Antivirus Programs is a Bad Idea" on Kaspersky official blog:

Running two antivirus programs at the same time is, in fact, a very bad idea. There are three reasons why:
  1. They will try to kill each other. Because antivirus programs search your system for programs that are monitoring and sending information about your system, a competing antivirus program that is monitoring and sending information about your system tends to look like a virus, so it will attempt to block it and remove it.
  2. They will fight over viruses. When an antivirus program encounters a virus, it removes it and quarantines it. But if a competing antivirus program sees that quarantined file and wants to remove and quarantine it..., then it will repeatedly send reports and notifications about this virus that it is detecting, even though it is no longer actually a threat to your system.
  3. They will sap your [Computer] power

AVAST Software Inc.

Having multiple antivirus programs installed on the same computer often results in conflicts including false positive detections, performance degradation and system instability.


Avira adviced that:
If you want to install more antivirus programs in parallel [ie together with another Antivirus on the same computer], you have to observe the following rules:
  • Install only one on-access scanner (Real-time Protection).
  • Decide which on-access scanner you trust most, before carrying out the installation. If you want to install the new one, deactivate the current scanner first.
  • Do not install more web filters and firewalls, when installing multiple Security Suites.

Quoting AVAST Software once again;

it is strongly recommended to uninstall all other previously installed antivirus applications before installing Avast on your computer

Kaspersky Lab concluded by writing:

Do two antiviruses provide double protection? On the contrary, the level of security goes down. Pick up one

My Opinion

Avira's idea of installing multiple antiviruses but not running multiple antiviruses seems satisfactory.
Ever made a search for animated images on Google? When you click on the Images tap, what do you get; a set of static images, right?

Now let's say I made a search for "Messi animated gif", when I click on the Images tap I get this:

Gif Images in Google search results not animated

There is no way of knowing which image is animated and which isn't from this results page. Of course, I have to click on individual images before I can know! Waste of time!

What if you can get something like this?

Gif Images in Google search results not animated

Right from the results page I can know which is animated and which isn't and save myself the time of clicking on the images and I hoping to click on the one that is animated. Great!!

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Something like that can be done with this extension on Chrome.

Motorola has officially announced the list of its devices that will get the Android Marshmallow updates. This was disclosed in a blog post published on the official blog of the tech firm. And it was categorically written that the list is liable to change.

Motorola phones that will get Android 6.0 Marshmallow Updates

Here is the list of phones that Motorola plans to update :

  • 2015 Moto X Pure Edition (3rd gen)
  • 2015 Moto X Style (3rd gen)
  • 2015 Moto X Play
  • 2015 Moto G (3rd gen)
  • 2014 Moto X Pure Edition in the US (2nd gen)
  • 2014 Moto X in Latin America, Europe and Asia2 (2nd gen)
  • 2014 Moto G and Moto G with 4G LTE2 (2nd gen)
  • DROID Turbo
  • 2014 Moto MAXX
  • 2014 Moto Turbo
  • Nexus 6

When are These Updates Rolling Out?

Motorola did not say precisely; "As for timing, we have high standards, so we’ll work fast but we won’t push the upgrades out until we know they’re ready".

Alongside this is the plan to retire Moto Assist, Motorola Migrate and the Google Chrome extension in Motorola Connect. The reason being that alternatives to these products are already available both from Android OS itself and Play Store. Additionally, "these products were valuable in their time but the world has moved on and they no longer add enough value to justify taking up space in your device".

From a little above 41 million in 2007, Nigerian Active GSM subscribers as at August 2015 struck 151,018,624. In a web document published on the website NCC (Nigerian Communications Commission), this figure was gotten from the summation of Mobile (GSM), 148,703,160; Mobile (CDMA), 2,125,941 and Fixed Wired/Wireless, 189,523 active lines.
Tiwa Savage in MTN Xtra Time Video
Compared with the total active lines of August 2014 and July 2015 there are growths of and 13.3% and 0.18% respectively.
In a statement issued by the Deputy Director of Consumer Affairs, NCC, Mr. Femi Atoyebi "As at August this year, we recorded 151 million active lines in the country, with a tele-density of 107 percent internet penetration is up to 88 million as at today." He disclosed this while representing the Acting Executive Vice Chairman, of (NCC), Prof. Umar Danbatta at the 2015 Abuja International Trade Fair, in Abuja on 30th September 2015.
In juxtaposition; total number of GSM subscribers in India as of August 2015 is 726.10 million. This is a 0.62% upsurge from that of July. South Africa and Ghana recorded 79 million and 30 million subscribers in Q4, 2014 respectively. Note that Nigerian total subscribers in Q4, 2014 is 139.2 million.
Photo Credit: Tiwa Savage in MTN Xtra Time Video
HTTPS means HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) secured. It is a protocol for secured communication with the web server; HTTPS uses an encrypted connection to communicate over a computer network. What all this means in nonprofessional terms is that information sent and received during browsing is secured.

In a post by Jo-el van Bergen, on the official Google Online Security Blog: "Since 2008, we've worked to encrypt the connections between our users and Google servers. Over the years, we've announced that Search, Gmail, Drive, and many other products have encrypted connections by default, and most recently, we've made a similar announcement for our ads products. In this same vein, today we're expanding on the HTTPS Everywhere mission and beginning an initial rollout of HTTPS support for Blogspot"

What HTTPS Brings to the Table for Blog Authors and Visitors

HTTPS ensures a secure communication between the client (your web browser) and the web server. Additionally, according to Google Developers, there are three main benefits of HTTPS, viz.: authentication, data integrity and secrecy.

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"HTTPS is a cornerstone of internet security as it provides several important benefits: it makes it harder for bad actors to steal information or track the activities of blog authors and visitors, it helps check that visitors open the correct website and aren’t being redirected to a malicious location, and it helps detect if a bad actor tries to change any data sent from Blogger to a blog visitor". Says Blogger Online Security.

How to Activate HTTPs on Blogger

Blogspot HTTPS is supported on Blogspot domains and not supported on custom domains

Unfortunately, Blogger's HTTPS is only available for Blogspot domain blogs for now. Support for blogs with custom domains will likely come later.

To activate HTTPS on a blog using .blospot domain, login to Blogger and navigate to Settings. Locate HTTPS settings and beside HTTPS availability select "Yes" from the drop-down list.

Now, what do you thin about this improvements.