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Is technology destroying handwriting by pen?

It wasn't long ago when people used to go out with a pen with them. Pen was an important part of education. Still students have to carry pens in their bags. We take pens with us while sitting for an exam. The problem is technology which seems might destroy the way how we write. Nowadays we all own smart phones. That's smart phone is killing the way we write anything as well as taking notes. Now you don't have to carry a pen along with pieces of papers. Even the computers and laptops are destroying our handwriting by making us used to with typing. As a result, we can type faster than ever comparing with write using our fingers. Sometimes people have difficulty recognizing their own handwriting if they write something accidentally after long time. In many rich schools and colleges you'll often notice that students use laptops and tablets instead of books. Even no one now cares about spelling mistakes anymore thanks to the technology. If you have Wi-Fi or Internet connection then you don't have to worry about spelling and grammar anymore. Now the inevitable question appears, is technology destroying our writing habit? If you ask me, well, I would say maybe. But soon pen is going to rise again in a different shape and in a different way. If you are tech news lover then you must have heard of Apple Pencil and Samsung's S pen. Apple Pencil and Samsung's S pen are changing the scenario. Some people call these 'Pen', but the appropriate names for these gadgets are stylus. They don't work on piece of paper rather they work on specific gadgets. Samsung's stylus or S pen comes with popular notes series. Steve job, the ex CEO of Apple, never thought of using a stylus. But today Apple is now working as a game changer in the stylus industry. It is now today's demand from technology because of the big screen where you might need a stylus. It will give you more comfort ability than using old fingers. The latest iPads are coming with Apple Pencil which is really appreciated to all. They are used like we always use a pen and the feeling is almost similar.

Those who think that styluses are far different from the regular pens; I suggest them to check those out for once. Other tech giants are also interested to produce smart pen watching the huge success of Apple Pencil and Samsung S pen. Microsoft's surface pen is one of the finest examples. As people are getting interested in having big screen display, we might need to get stylus more. Although finger is one of the best pointing devices but still stylus does show its importance. So the title of this article was, is technology destroying pen for writing, the answer is maybe it is being destroyed, only the conventional way. It is getting backdated and pen is going to get a new name called stylus and maybe after some days, everybody will carry a stylus which will be compatible to any Devices.

You can call me classic or backdated because I still carry a pen with me whenever I go because I think asking for a pen to someone for writing when it's necessary is a shame. I have no problem being old fashioned. I'm a fan of branded products and even for buying a pen I choose the best one. Pen is something that will show your personality because when people will notice your handwriting they will judge you except for doctors. I was just kidding. Well I'm going to tell you some of the names you may trust for writing. Here is the list of my favorite 5 pens.

Top 5 Micro Gel Ink Pens
                1.            Pilot Precise V5 RT- Super smooth.
                2.            Pilot Juice 0.38 mm - Fast writing.
                3.            Pilot Hi-Tec-C 0.3 mm - Sharp line.
                4.            Zebra Sarasa Clip 0.4 mm - Great clip.
                5.            Uni-ball Signo RT1 - Solid ink.


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