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Nomophobia – Stay With Your Mobile!

Have you heard the name of ‘Nomophobia’? Nomophobia is a term oriented by psychology, which means, it is a fear of losing your one’s phone. You can also call it as ‘No mobile phone phobia’. A study has shown that 54 percent people who has questioned about ‘Nomophobia’ have experienced Nomophobia in their lives.

Someone can easily say that, mobile phone is a human created technology which has the ability to change our daily life. Mobile phone gives us the freedom to move anywhere without saying or informing anyone. Things were not like that before; using a land line means you have an exact location. To communicate with others over the phone means your physical address is whether at your office or your home even a public phone booth. Now mobile phone gives you the freedom to walk and talk in any place. It is not necessary that you have to be at your office to pick or answer the phone. You can talk or do your necessary staff over the mobile phone with few clicks.

Communicating with relatives, gossiping with friends, office work everything you can do with your little mobile phone. Technology takes you the places that you never visit nor imagine. Social bond is losing day to day life. We kept us busy and doing our social job without attending. Mobile phone not only gives you the whole world at your hand but it gives you the whole world at your tip of your finger. With a single tap you will accomplish your job whether social or personal even official. 

It is really a concerning issue for us, am I getting Nomophobiac? Think, but remember, technology is created by human being. Is it possible that, one day technology becomes a threat of our social bond?     


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