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ICC - Testing the level of accuracy of the technology that is used in Cricket.

In modern days cricket umpire often takes the help of technology before taking the decisions. Now a day the ‘REVIEW’- system has a role to play in Cricket. Umpire’s decision has been reversing by taking the ‘REVIEW’. Now the time has come to look up the technologies that are using to take those decisions.

For last few days some technician are busy to take an accuracy test about the technology that is widely used in modern day cricket at the University of Oval. Since 2009 the ball tracking system is designed and operated by Virtual Eye. Basically it judges the LBW (Leg before Wicket) dismissals and the other technical support in cricket.

The DRS (Decision Review System) has several criteria to follow, such as hot spot, snicko and the zing bails. Now ICC (International Cricket Council) has decided to test the accuracy on those technologies. ICC general manager Geoff Allardice is in Dunedin to help the technician. The whole work is leading by the Engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This time they are using lasers to track the ball whether the ball is hitting the stumps or pass the stumps, whether the boll over bounced with the help of a camera over the top of the crease. Animation Research Ltd chief executive Ian Taylor says, Each and every technology has its strengths and weakness, it is good to test the accuracy of those technology so that the errors will come and can work on that errors later.

Testers will find the loop holes and work on that. They will come back with their findings and inform ICC. We all hope soon a better and errorless technology will be introduced in international cricket.  


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