Nokia S40 and S60: How to Wirelessly Perform Software Update

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Updating Nokia Java/S40 and Symbian/S60 softwares upgrades the phone to the best services, and features. For example when Nokia C1-01 was first released way back in 2010; it doesn't support third party themes but with a later update of the software, this feature was then supported.

Why Carry-out Software Update?

Carrying-out Software Update achieves the following:

1. Your phone will have the latest Nokia apps and services
2. Improved functions and performance of the phone
3. If you've forgotten your security code, updating the software resets it to default (12345) — at least it did on my Nokia X2-02.

How to Update Wirelessly

To update the phone software, you either do it via Nokia Suite on PC or wirelessly on your phone. I'll be talking about the latter.

Nokia Phone Software Update

Before updating the phone, it's pertinent that you note the following:
1. Ensure that the phone is fully charged, or charging.
2. It's advicable you create a backup before proceeding.
3. Do not attempt to switch off or operate the phone during installation except when prompted.
4. Set the time and date of the phone correctly as this is used to detect new software version.
5. Ensure that the phone has a good internet connection, wifi is recommended.
6. Do not be in haste to click any button during the installation, read through the prompt and make sure you understand it before okaying/negating it.


NOTE: I used Nokia X2-02 (s40) and 6730 classic (s60) for practicalization.

1. On s40, go to Menu > Settings > Device > Device updates, and select "Downl. device sw." Accept the request for internet connection. It'll connect to Nokia and display the something like this:

Update available
from NOKIA
Size: 1143 KB
installation time: Less than 20 minutes
Description: Software

Click on the center D-pad to download the software. It'll take a couple of minutes to download afterwhich it'll prompt to proceed with the installation. Proceed and follow the wizard through the rest of the installation process.

2. While on s60, press *#0000# on your home screen, press Options and check for updates; then follow the wizard.

The update takes time, my updating of Nokia X2-02 took approximately 20 minutes after which the phone rebooted. My settings, apps, photos, text messages and files in the phone and memory card wasn't deleted at the end of the update; and I believe yours would be kept save too.

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