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Although Symbian OS is on the wane, it still offers tons of amazing graphics editing tools (which in no way can be compared to that of iOS and Android) like Idesigner, Magic brush, image jointer etc.

Image jointer is an s60v3,s60v5 and s^3 image combining app written in pys60. Image jointer combines images in a similar way like the android and blackberry Picmix, but lacks the framing and sharing features; though it combines any number of images and features customizable borders and watermark.

How to Use Image Jointer
You either select any of the default templates ( 1x1, 2x1, 3x1, 2x2, 3x2, 4x2, 3x3, 5x2, 6x2,7x2, and 4x4), customize yours or add the whole pictures in a particular folder.
If you choose to customize the number of images, you can write 2x3 , 4x5, etc in the text field. What it means is that the images will be combined in 2 columns and 3 rows (total of 6 images) or 4 columns and 5 rows (total of 20 images).
After this, select from any of these screen sizes:
240 x 320
320 x 240
176 x 208
360 x 640
126 x 160
Note that you'll be prompted to resize the image if it's bigger than the selected screen size.
Next, you'll select the images consecutively; after which you'll be prompted to add watermark. The combined image is save in the root of drive E.

In "Setting" you can tweak the format in which the combined image is to be saved, change the border color in RGB & border size in pixels, and set the watermark folder and watermark vertical & horizontal position.

How to Make a Watermark for Image Jointer
The app accepts watermark with mask in png and mbm format only. If it's in png format, it should be named img.png while it's mask should be named mask.png. Save the image and mask in !:\private\10000e76\.watermark\Any Folder\; but if it's in mbm format, you'll pack the png image and the mask to mbm, name it image.mbm, and move it to !:\private\10000e76\.watermark\Any Folder\

See the images I combined with the app:

An Image combined with image jointer

Did you notice the watermark and it's position? Note that I tweaked the border size and colour to 10 pixels and white.

Download Image Jointer.sisx

If you have any question on this app, kindly write it in the comment box.

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